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December 05, 2006


mad muthas

god! does my husband ever need one of those!


Hell yes we need attention too. Heck, sometimes I bet Men are worse then kids, since I can only guess not having any kids. But when I'm neglected and I dont mean in the physical sense, im a bear

Lawyer Mama

Great post! Man basket. tehe


My boyfriend is constantly asking me to show him more attention and affection. I really need to do that one of these days...


Hang on ... women aren't supposed to understand us this well. My sex's entire strategy is based on our inscrutability.

Men! Back to the bunker ... we have some thinking to do.


The title alone is cracking my ass up. Operation Man Basket. Hee!


so funny! That ratio of naps to awake time? Such a give away in our house!!

Good luck with fitting all your goodies in that basket - hope the ribbon stays on!


Good advice although I think it's more often the women who need to be pampered since they usually take care of the kids. Of course most men are stupid idiots and don't realize that staying home with small children is 5 times as hard as going to work. I've tried it so I know kind of what I'm talking about. My job is still ten times more stressful than any other job I know but it's still a picnic compared to the energy required to spend 24 hours with a small child.

My favorite thing to give to my wife, and her to me , is free time. She loves to go to the gym, go shopping, or hang out with friends. Free time without kids is the problem I see couples have most often. It can drive a person crazy not to have a little time for personal things.

Our frequency for fun activities for fun in the sack has been low for more months than I can remember but i don't expect anything else since we had a baby a few months ago. Expecting anything else would be naive of me.

creative-type dad

Cracking up here..!
"hatful of pals sitting around"


This is really a very sweet idea and a much needed reminder. But...

"extremely long morning showers coupled with uneven personal hygiene"

I actually snorted at this, I was laughed so hard. You are too funny!


One wonders how one sticks uninterrupted Monday Night Football in a basket?


IMHO and this may be controversial, men don't seem to need attention, conversation etc. They just need sex, delivered on a regular basis (they need to know on what day they are getting it) at least once a week. Solves every bit of tension in my house lol. But a lot of your men may be more evolved, I dunno.


Wow, that was the funniest post I have read in a long time. I think I should start a basket too.


I LOVE this post.

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