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December 02, 2006



nice. it's the constant and unending battle to remain us while being constantly on for them. and those bits of breaks are so valuable...whether it's fantasy or reality.

Kevin Charnas

HHAA!! Reality...bites again, huh? :)

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll, I'm doing the same...although, the title you bestowed upon me is MUCH too generous. But, alas, flattery will get you everywhere...I'm naked as I write this. Well, I am wearing my laptop. HA! :)


I can relate to the living in between two worlds -- not a true "working mom" and not a true "SAHM," but working part-time from home. I think I'm straddling that fence successfully, but sometimes I feel like I'm being a fake in both worlds. Not a true wife anymore because of mommy duties and feeling guilty about date night when R. hangs on to my leg as I leave her with the sitter. Sigh.

Andie D.

You know, maybe Lawyer Mama is onto something.

I actually had to pause.

Now I'm back. Perhaps it's a good thing that they realize, in subtle and not so subtle ways that we have lives. That having lives is a GOOD thing. That no matter what happens, we will love them AND we will have lives dammit.


Lawyer Mama

How is that they just *know* when you're imagining a moment of life without them? It's uncanny, isn't it?

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