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November 12, 2006


Mrs. Chicky

I'm jealous of that drawer. My boobs have been mine for months and yet I treat them like they're a rental. The poor girls, they need some of that black and red lace you speak of.

Congratulations on reclaiming your's! Or should we be congratulating the one who gets to enjoy the new view? :)

Lawyer Mama

Ah, the lacy things. My breasts still aren't my own, but I can't wait!


Although my need for lacy bras nearly evaporated after my second, it was so nice to have them back! Ah, yes, so nice.


Congrats! Enjoy the drawer of wonder! Now, I need tips for making use of my drawer of lacy things. No breast feeding here, just the usual motherhood excuses -- all suggestions welcome!


Jealous, totally jealous. My own drawer still sits unvisited. Oh for the day I can wear lace in naughty black and declare "I am woman, hear me moan!!!" teehee!


Welcome back! Enjoy your renewed wardrobe, you've earned it!


Congrats. There might be days when the little one forgets so be prepared.


Let's hear it for sexy underwear, "Toys" and breasts that can function in a naughty manner!

Clap, clap, clap!

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