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November 10, 2006


mad muthas

so? did you go dancing? we DEMAND to know! (and please, spare no detail. vicarious dancing is about the best i can manage at the moment ...)


Oh, yes, motherhood, the evil force that takes over our lives! When I became pregnant with my first baby I had no idea how hard it would be.


Dancing frequently leads to sex, which may in turn lead to more of those cute little people.


Still sounds worth risking though!

Kevin Charnas

You're honest, baby...and that's cool. At least you're not pretending that everything is perfect, I think that's when people really start to lose it.


now, go shake your thang. :)


For goodness sake, it's amazing you're not addicted to Valium. What with the twins and boob obsessed little v. I have no idea how you carve out five minutes for yourself...but I guess you need to get a sitter more and go out an paint the town red a little more.

Mommy off the Record

Yep. This motherhood thing gets in the way of ALL our fun. Jeez.


Dancing.....sex......I vaguely remember those things. Isn't that what you do before you have kids? What you need is to gather up your girlfriends and hit the party scene. ( Not that any of us know where that is anymore!) Ask one of your childless friends. I am sure they will know!


So funny! I especially hate the "My Mother Motherhood" moments when I catch myself saying something my mother said to me as a kid. Grrrrr.

Francesca (Stuntmother)

Oh god, I hear you so loud I'm holding my hands over my ears. The closest to dancing I get right now is doing the carseat shuffle, the waitingatthebus stop, the macandcheese and the twistedankle.


Sex? Dancing? I have no recollection of either one of those things. Can you remind us? How can motherhood be so fulfilling and, yet, so draining, at the same time? And any tips on the chubby ass would be welcome (tho' I'm sure you are more svelte than you give yourself credit for!)


You got a photocopy of that I can also send? I might have to add a P.S. or two at the end!


I miss sex! Not to get too personal but I assume this no sexy is normal with an infant. I feel better now that i read this!


if you figure out how to ditch the chubby ass, let me know! thanks!

Plain Jane Mom



I hear you, sister...


I just sent that letter to myself as well!
Come this way sista...I need to go shake my money maker as well. ;)

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