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November 25, 2006



My hubby needs to read this. He seems to think I'm the only woman suffering from this disorder.


I think I may be catching it as I turned into super bitch this morning. Hmmm..I dont think I can walk in the neighborhood alone because 1) I might get mugged by a hick or 2) there are no sideawalks


I've written the emergency number down...Thanks. ;)


Looks like heavy medication is my only option here.

I choose alcohol.

Lawyer Mama

Ahhhhhhhh! So *that's* what I have!

Sometimes I think it's a really good thing I have a full time job or my personal hygiene might really suffer! LOL!


absolutely brillant. and i needed this today, so thank you.


You are a doll, dishing out all this therapy for free. And you hit the nail on the head, it is so annoying to go out for margaritas with girlfriends and find they want to talk about potty training. Shut up already and lets talk about the latest developments in vibrators instead!


CM, I knew I had SOMETHING! Thanks for diagnosing and dispatching the Rx. You are one smart mama! ;)


I was with the baby talker last night. It is the most irritating sound coming out of an adult when speaking to other adults. UGH!


Wait until middle age, failure to flourish gives way to "I don't give a fuck anymore". Something to look forward to.


Yeah, I went to the spa today. So...there ya have it.


Oh, how much do I love you for this? Thank you!

Andie D.

Did I give you permission to write about my life? Huh? DID I?

Sorry. I'm pretty much the FTF poster bitch these days.

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