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November 29, 2006



Okay, so give it to me straight...what is it like in Bellingham? We live in PHX right now and are over it and need a serious change and let's just say our finger landed on B-ham on the globe. Though we have some 'out there' creative ideas about life, we are NOT hippies! I am at stay-home-writing-mom-yoga teacher-birth worker. i like the sun once in a while and i like wearing t-shirts and shorts in the summer. can all this happen in Bellingahm? Or is it a cold, soggy place full of hairy legs and tie-dyes? We are going to visit in June for a bit, but I'd like to get the 411 on it from people who live there.

Love your words.

L.A. Daddy

Yeah, I'm trying to see if people are interested in gathering in Los Angeles sometime soon. If anyone is, please let me know and I'll try to organize things!

Kevin Charnas


I want to come too...I'm jealous now. And you've all excluded me from BlogHer.
You two are going to have SO much fun in January. I can't wait to read ALLLL about it!

Andie D.

I'd LOVE to come meet you!

There are no other bloggers that I know of here in Phoenix except for one divorced, Catholic, ex-priest. Not, perhaps, the right person to meet up with for a drink.

Did I mention how warm Phoenix is in the winter time? The incredible desert mountain views? Hiking? Come over!!!


Is it bad that I am more likely to actually look like one of the hippies rather than particularly watching them?

Except, of course, for the sugar-free vanilla skim latte in hand. I don't think hippies believe in those. Well, that and the near-hysteric quality to my voice these days.

Actually, come to think of it? The hippie squad would probably demand I turn in my hemp bracelets and force me to shower at least once a day, just to remove all doubt regarding my so-not-mellow-enough-to-be-stoned demeanor...


When can I get that drink???


Oh, and I do so love a good hippiewatch.


You? Emma? Together?

Man, that sounds fun...


I shall meet you for cocktails after the holidays dahlink! Maybe in January when Emma heads this way? ;)


CM, Those are great photos of Bellingham. The only place I have ever visited in Washington is Seattle on business, which I really enjoyed.

I haven't met any other bloggers in person yet, but I am toying with the idea of BlogHer '07!


Oops! I forgot to type my name and info.

I don't do BlogHer--long story--but I would totally come hang in Bellingham. When I was younger and single, I sent away for real estate info for the San Juan islands and Bellingham. I've never visited either,but something about both drew me in.

I came very close to moving out your way before I met my husband.


Can't wait to see you!! I think Bellingham sounds cool, you did tell me it is a nice town with lots of hippie watching so I look forward to that. If we get bored we can always get sloshed.

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