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November 15, 2006



Sometimes I wish that my husband had an inner sexy swashbuckler to indulge my inner saucy wench. But he's not that exotic.

Andie D.

Alas, I have no inner saucy wench anymore. It's been replaced by an inner sleep deprived bitch.

Fucking bummer.


My inner saucy wench had me dreaming about Julian McMahon all night.

Lawyer Mama

Could I borrow her for a bit? My ISW has been missing since the baby was born! I soooo miss her.


Sorry, my inner verification wench seems to have magically hit the button twice...


You know you would miss her if she was gone, don't you?


You know you would miss her if she was gone, don't you?



Sainthood? Come on now. We'll have none of that talk coming from you.

Your inner saucy wench is there to prove that you are none of this safe, static and dull stuff you speak of in your missive. Your inner saucy wench is there because you have a pulse.

Quite frankly, I'd worry about you more if the wench was nowhere to be found.(But maybe I'm just saying that because I realized "Wow. The inner saucy wench club finally has two members. Woo hoo!")


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