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November 03, 2006


creative-type dad

One of my wife's friends sent this to all of her working mom friends. My wife shrugged at this article because this one woman doesn't need anymore excuses to be away from her kids.

She's always on a business trip, we wonder if she even likes her kids at all.


I'm surprised that this issue is even controversial. Doesn't everyone want a vacation from their daily schedule? I think it is a good idea for mothers to take a little break from their kids, as well as couples taking a little break from each other!


CrankMama, I wrote about this earlier this week, too, but didn't follow up on the NYTimes comments. I always feel like I'm a better mommy after a little "me" time. Can we really believe the commenters (to the NYTimes article, not yours!) who claim not to need a little rejuvenation every now and then?


Oh and the mother who claims she never wishes for a 'vacation'from her family? Can I have whatever it is that she is smoking? Because it must be good stuff!



I said some really mean, stupid things as a new mother.I was weirdly self-righteous abt my choices,but I don't think even on my most asshole-y day I would have begrudged a woman for enjoying her time in the airport.

However,I do know someone who is almost never with her *very* young children. By never, I mean never--I'm not talking about tacking an extra day on to a business trip in Milan to see the city. She works hard and plays hard and life is really all about her. Kids are sick? That's what the nanny is for. I'm going to ClubMed tomorrow. What do you mean you can't join me? Get a life!


Like Paige said, for sure! Great post and insight to this issue!

P.S. I just realized I never gave you credit for my post on being a step mom recently. I will have to correct that immediately and write an update, since it was inspired by your call for blended families. Sorry! *sheepish grin*


Well freakin' struck, CrankMama. Couldn't have said it any better myself.

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