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October 27, 2006



It sounds like a wonderful life full of wonders to behold...
and your children will remember it forever... and what a gift for yourself to revisit when they are older...

Andie D.

There are times that I SERIOUSLY miss working outside the home. I miss being able to keep myself clean for longer than 5 minutes. I miss adult conversation. But.

I am grateful that I have the choice to stay home. I don't have to deal with office politics. I can take care of my kids when they're sick.

Lawyer Mama

Ahhhh, those times are wonderful. If only it could be like that ALL the time!

mad muthas

mmmm - know that feeling! you're right - it grabs you especially when it's a bit gloomy out and you can all just cuddle up together and read books to each other. love it!




Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

creative-type dad

That sounds very cool. Where do I sign up?


This is a great post! I think all working moms have the same struggle. While I love the challenge and fufillment of my job, I struggle with feelings of guilt. I also long to spend those quiet, quality moments with my kids. Nothing makes me happier than the few minutes my three year old son will sit still in my lap and let me read a book to him. Of course, there is such thing as too much of a good thing!


Hi, glad you're having a good day for once! And thanks for linking me darlin'.


For those of us who are struggling with the perpetual glow of mommydom, I find comfort that though it isn't doesn't occur as often as my content counter parts, those tender moments with the wee ones make it all worth it.


I swing that way emotionally also. Some days it feels like I'm on track and others...not so much.


Whoa! My head is spinning. I saw 'my'name appear as having commented on this thread, and lo and behold it was Some Other Cranky Karrie.

Excellent post


As always, you've captured everything so perfectly. What got you through last summer, btw?


Hey, my daughter's name is Violet. Violet Jane. She is 2&5 months old, exactly.

And we also share similar quiet and defining moments, less frequently these days as I have recently become a part timer in the everyday working world.


I miss working but not FOR THE MAN. Pumpkin pie baking and snuggling in bed sounds nice!

Her Bad Mother

Yes, yes, YES. You've put it so perfectly.

My 'happy mama' moments are never at a play group or in any sort of public space - they are always the moments that attend the two of us, she and I, alone.

I had such a moment yesterday morning, while she and I played on the floor in our pajamas and pretended to do head stands. I thought - THIS is bliss. I LOVE this. And it occurred to me in that moment that it really is that kind of moment that captures the happiness of momhood for me.


You have definitely tapped into my ambivalence (and I might have to blog about it myself!).

After 20+ years in the "working world," I find it hard to be committed to my writing and home life and have it all work at the same time.

The last few mornings have been dark, cloudy and rainy here. When DH leaves the house at the crack of dawn, R. tends to shuffle across the hallway into bed with me. We get some serious snuggling time before she heads off to school. There is no better drug than being curled up in bed with my six-year-old daughter, her legs tossed over mine and her arm thrown around my head so I can't get away. It's the best moment of the day.

A couple of weeks ago R. said, "Mommy, could we just stay in bed all day in our pajamas?" Man, was I tempted!

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