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October 08, 2006



Maybe we should have a Crankmama gumbo party in a mutually convenient spot. We can spike the drinks and revel in the fact that we won't have to start our conversations with "How old is yours? Oh, is she chewing up cheese and spitting it out like mine is?"


I love Sweet Beatrice--think they've really hit on something good over there.

Loralee makes a good point. I bet at least one other mother at your party wanted to slip something into the 7up and talk about something else.

creative-type dad

Good post!
I like the 'pretend' theme

In our ring of friends, the men and women usually don't split. It's a little annoying because when the guys go from 3o-something to 12, we get nasty looks.


I loved that post. You have a lot of my views.

There ARE mommy's out there like you and like me. They are just a bit harder to find.

It is hard to be a mom and admit that it isn't your wildest dream or your whole identity.

Maybe if we keep talking aobut it, we'll find more and more people who feel the same way.


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