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October 15, 2006



I have both mom-butt and mom-gut. Maybe I need one of those girdles.



Really you never had your fingers stuck together with super glue.

If jeangirdle is what karrie said then I love jeangirdle but I hate mom butt. I hope I don't have mom butt. I would never be brave enough to post a pic for opinions though.


Rocky Horror Picture Show is a MUST, but not on DVD. You must have the whole theater, audience participation experience!

And I think we need more info on the jeansgirdle! :)


Karrie & CTD, I agree the meme is much too bloody loooong...

emma & loralee - you know what I think about sit-ups AND I never have been dumped.. mainly bc I'm a good strategist & am quite risk-averse

Paige - guess I was just making up for lost time?

MOTR - the choice was "moon/flash" and I did the latter


If you were totally straight and square until 25, what happened after 25? Is that where the mooning comes in? Or was there something else?

creative-type dad

wow -That's some meme.


I love memes. I can't help it. It's a sickness. :D

Mommy off the Record

OK, I officially request that you tell us more about how you mooned someone! LOL


How can you not have been dumped? You must have extraordinary sexual skills or just be a wonderful, vivacious, super stimulating lady... or is it just numbers, and you didn't go out with that many guys??

I don't like those girdles. They're all very well when you're standing up but when you sit down they press into your gut like a knife. I'm going the old fashioned route, 100 sit ups a day.


Sweet jeebus that was long, but informative.

Does the jeansgirdle prevent belly spillover? All of my flab is in my apple-shaped gut, and most supportive garments make it look worse.

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