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October 06, 2006



You speak the truth! I just wish I could get past the annoyed state.

Congrats on the ROFL!

Beanie Baby

Just noticed ... ooooooh, you link to Bitch!

Love Bitch. Love it.

Beanie Baby

"It seems that now that I get to leave the house a few days a week to use my brain and talk to people who don't force me to make them sandwiches 30 times a day, we're having a mommy-daughter honeymoon and I'm really enjoying them."


It was the same thing for me--went crazy for my one year mat leave, went back to work, felt sane again.

Though I think for me if it were 3 days instead of five, it would be better. But I'm a much more sappy mom when I work.

(Found you from your comment on my post over at IP.)


Those times of unbridled adoration are so fleeting for me these days, but I try so hard to hold on to them. Most of the time I'm the one swilling back wine in the evenings and bracing myself for the next fiasco.

creative-type dad

."..she's on tons of DRUGS!"How funny! I prefer to be more specific, like "Crack"

Uh, so the Hallmark reference wouldn't be 'cause of me now...

I didn't think so.

mad muthas

thank god someone admits to feeling that way! too many stepford mummies out there determined to make the rest of us feel like s***! regular escape (or possibly drugs) is definitely the way to go. xx


Oh yeah. I go between adoring my kids and wishing I could dip my head in the wine vat with my mouth open. (Merlot, please. Thank you.)

I'm the mom of an autistic son, and I've learned not to take anything for granted. When he's in a good mood,life is wonderful. When he's upset...batten down the hatches!



This is where you can picture me in the throes of a full-on holy-rollin' "Aye-Men!"

I have missed working Saturday nights at the hospital, because it meant a break from motherhood for just long enough to miss Jack's face by Sunday morning.

And it was a chance to be sure that all of my academic knowledge had not been dumped from the brain space to make room for episodes of Hi-5 and the recipe for tuna salad.

Here's hoping the honeymoon continues. (But that it's still peppered with enough cayenne spice to keep the Mama cranky. We like her that way.)


Yeah, I too have my moments when I look at my daughter and think "How did I luck into such a precious child?" If I dont take time for myself, those moments of awe are usually followed by the stark realization that Avery could throw an ear-splitting tantrum any second.


I worked in an office before I became a mother, but now work at home. But I discovered pretty early on that I am a MUCH better mother to my daughter when I'm not with her 24/7. I generally keep that to myself for fear of the Mother Police chastising me for not having warm, fuzzy feelings about my daughter every minute of every day.

It feels so good to know there are others in the same boat.


Too funny and very real. I agree with you and totally understand! If I didn't work, I know I'd be struggling to find the joy in motherhood on a daily basis. I just do not have the stamina to deal 24/7.

Lawyer Mama

I hear ya, babe. I enjoy my children so much more when I don't have to be with them 24/7.


Eh. I was PTA President for 3 years and I NEVER had that smile on my face.

I have a barrier around my heart with my kids, too. I adore them. Love them to bits, but they also scare the hell out of me.

So, I just try to make the best of it and not mess up their lives too badly and love them as much as I can . Focusing on expectations of what you "Should be" can really make a pisser out of life.


But, but...you're so cute when you're cranky.

You too, Stunts. :)

Francesca (Stuntmother)

I know this feeling well and you write about it so accurately. I am also not a PTA president on Zoloft and find many things about children in general and mine in particular infuriating. But the wonder of them! The glory of them! They help me transcend my own grumpy limits.

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