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October 01, 2006



Thank God for Superfriends and Gods of Hair who can fix really bad do's.

Strawberry Shortcake all grown-up? Yeah, that's better than Ronald. ;) Hope you like it now!


Andie D.

The sister thing is right on. I have one, and although we are incredibly different and don't always agree, either of us would Superfriend the other without blinking.

There is something to this "sisterhood" stuff afterall.


SuperFriend, the term makes me want to go buy my girls matching cape. Glad your hair crisis has been resolved.


Real friends don't let friends wear gauchos.



Praise be superfriends and the Gay God of sassy hair. Everyone should have at least one of each.


Thanks for the visit and I am glad I stopped by. You are hilarious.

I once went with a punk g/f to a swank downtown mall in Cleveland when she was sporting Ronald McDonald red hair. Little kids pointed and snuggled closer to their moms. Strawberry Shortcake is much better.

Mommy off the Record

Close call, eh? Glad you made a successful gettaway!

btw, your hair color sounds fabulous. When will you post a pic so we can see you?! (gosh, I sound like an 50-year-old Internet predator...i'm really not, i swear!)


too funny...i totally know what you mean, and i've wanted to hide under a rock in the past...curious minds want to see the new hair, btw.

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