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September 15, 2006



Ya know? I have to agree with this. What IS IT with working with other women?!!! It's distracting and totally makes me feel like I'm lacking as a woman if I don't contribute to the 'small talk' when I'd really just like to get my work done. (sigh) This is something I don't look forward to once I go back to work in another year or so...


Oh honey, do I ever understand. I finally ditched other women and ended up as a medical staff office manager with 429 medical doctors (98% men) Halleluiah!!!! Testosterone-rich and loving it.


You sound like my wife. She had a woman boss for years and would vent every night about it


Heh. Three-year sentence to hard labour as PTA President. Try THAT on for emotional, backstabbing, whiny women.

In a lot of ways it sucked a duck. I didn't even get paid.


I work in construction for a reason.

I learned my lesson getting my master's in women studies.

You know what I'm saying?

Lawyer Mama

I so agree with you! That's exactly why I work in a field of law that is completely dominated by men. When someone asks how I *feel* about something, I want to slit my wrists.

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