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September 29, 2006


Irene Tuazon

Omigoodness! That is VERY RED! You remind me of Molly Ringwald in that picture! It's pretty cool. c",)

Your blog's a hoot! Keep at it!

Mrs. Chicky

Wow! Think of it as a gutsy move instead of a color gone wrong. I would never have the guts to go even close to that color.

And, besides, no one will lose you in a crowd. ;)


It may be time to file for divorce - from Patrick. He may be the loveliest man in the world but if he can't give you a sexy shade of red, he's got to go.


I'm a natural redhead. Two weeks ago, days before my 10 year high school reunion, I went "dark brown". Now, I've done this before, and within days - no more than a week, my hair just looks "auburn". So, I went darker brown. Apparently, no matter how much I want to (occasionally) rid myself of the red, it's always going to force itself through my follicles. So sad.

My mother says, "I would kill to have hair as red as yours." I reply: "You try living with red hair your whole life and see if you don't want a little vacation to the darker side of life!"

No one gets it. But the grass is always "greener"... ;)

Andie D.

Oh god are you funny!! Thank you. ;)

I'm too much of a pus with my hairdressers to speak up either. So I usually end up quietly dumping them. Then again, I have a serious commitment issue.

Hi, I'm Andie, and I'm a haircut slut.

I now use semi-permanent dye that I apply myself. Can't even commit to a freakin' color.


No matter how much brown they keep trying to put back in my hair to approach my "natural" color, the red phase I went through keeps shining through!

Maybe the ones who can do great cuts can't also do great color? Paging: Colorists!

Lawyer Mama

I had a red hair color incident while I was pregnant with my second. My toddler was also scared. Never again. I love red hair - just not on me.


I'm also a fan of red hair, but understand if it's not what you expected. Once, I tried a new shade of dye the day before a job interview - it turned out pretty close to purple. Fortunately, it was for a hipster dot com company, so they didn't bat an eye...

Hope your hairstylist can get it closer to what you want!


Its kind of fun in an ode to Manic Panic kind of way, but I agree with the pp--ask for some deeper tones.

I used to dye my strawberry-blonde hair a mahogany-auburn and the first few days it was almost purple, but then faded to a nice shade.


I have been every shade of red under the sun. I LOVE red hair. I have had my share of hair ICK (Once I tried the "Sliding Doors" hair and ended up looking like a Banana. Fun)

I suck at telling my hair stylist what to do. In the end, though, I would just be honest that it was too much for you.


hey, i LOVE the red. I had exactly the same shade for a while..the only issue was all the towels I ruined for a while every time i took a bath.

creative type dad (tony)

Your daughter's comments - great!!

BTW- Hallmark is a good thing. :) They do emotions right (well, to a guy) just like the colonel does chicken right.

Did I just put my foot in my mouth even deeper?


I remember going back to blonde after I had had dark hair for awhile. I walked in the door and Bubber cried! He told me I looked terrible and wanted my dark hair back. He won. I kept it blonde for like 2 weeks and immediately went back to my coveted chocolate. :)
Maybe you can ask the hair dude to put some deeper tones in it. If you aren't happy with it...he should correct it for free!!! Really...

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