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September 21, 2006


Mommy off the Record

"less vulva, more Volvo"

Love it!

My best friend from school and I are getting closer again after a time of "separation". She just had her first baby so we're bonding over raising our kids now. I guess you could say less vulva more stinky diapers? Well, that doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

creative-type dad (tony)

Gee, I don't know where to start - this is kind of thing is so much different for guys.

I met somebody from Walla Walla once, everytime she would call I would say "Hello, Hello". That cracked me up...!

Lawyer Mama

Yes, that was my college roommate too! We were kindred, introverted spirits and college wouldn't have been half as much fun without her. We both have kids and live half a country apart, but we stay in touch.


Still got mine! Best friend for the longest, and still capable of the vulva conversations despite the face that we're planning an applesauce making weekend. That's a clear indicator of how far we've come, I think. Though I loathe some women there are those that I cannot live without!


Aw. I wish I had a roomie like that. How is that I made it though 4 years of college and, 15 years later, I barely talk to one friend. I think college would have been different if I went someone else...anyway, what a sweet tribute to your friend!


You're so lucky to have a Michelle in your life. Mine's Hally, who has been my friend since kindergarten. Virginity (or lack thereof) not withstanding, we definitely got each other through a lot of "ewwwww"s and "ooooohhhh"s in life. Still do.

Thanks for the great comment at my place. Nice to meet you!

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