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September 26, 2006



Well said, ladies, right down to the bottles of good wine. Depending on the day, though, I'd add a good undereye cream to the bodacious bod part of the list.

(ok, maybe MY bodacious bod part of the list...)


For your music category, may I suggest Aimee Mann!


I would add chocolate and a DVR to that list.

It is pretty damn perfect though. Vibrators are just good for the soul.

Moon Mama

Love the list! My only addition: lots and lots of good wine!


Me too, Emma. I'm so ashamed!

I would add a good french press, warm, flannel pjs, a DivaCup, a bellydancing class, Hoegaarden, and a cleaning service.


You covered most of my bases. For my mind, I would add, lots of trash celebrity magazines. I know it's all made up, but I still love to ogle the rich and famous.

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