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August 25, 2006



Glad you like, Jennifer. And I hope you have some "alone time" soon.


Ha! I love, love, love these! My favorites are 'mama' (because anything else is just soooo blah!), and 'alone time' for which I totally put my game-face on and will kill for!

Really cool site; it's my first time visiting. I've already found a few nuggets of goodies I look forward to reading in the future!


Love the brit additions. Thanks, Emma!


I think we Brits have funny slang too:

"don't piss on my bonfire" means don't spoil my fun.

"Dip your wick" means have sex, for males.

"tactical chunder" means to get drunk and vomit, enabling you to drink more beer. An English hobby?

"All fur coat and no knickers" means, the girl looks good but is probably shallow.

Now if you are ever in England you will know what people are talking about!


love the word site.. thanks for the tip. See, with "moobs" you can get away with saying something like "Dig your moobs, man" without getting punched (at least until they look it up)



Moobs! That's funny! I've always just called them man-boobs. But Moobs is better.

Have you seen this guy's stuff- he has words for everything:

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