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August 26, 2006



Hey, I was like you! Slept with wrong men! Drank and partied into the night! Well into my 30's!

I want to get the book "Mommies Who Drink" by Brett Paesel. Below is the URL.



You've NAILED it... How can we be our full selves *and* still be good mamas? When we find the answer, we'll be millionaires!


Some days I feel positively wicked when I cheat and buy my kiddo McDonalds for dinner . . . then I feel sad that this gives me any kind of a rush at all. I keep thinking that there has to be a way to balance being an independent funny spunky well educated woman and being a wonderful mom. If my 6 year old found the Daily Show as hysterical as the concept of a shark being on a bus it would be easier. I inhabit two different worlds. I don't have any friends that are moms, although they enjoy my son it's not the same. Then I feel guilty for thinking that there’s so much of *me* that doesn’t go into being a mom, and what do I do with all of that? And when?

On the upside my house is very tidy.


I can relate, I sometimes feel like a bee in a jar, remembering the wild times of my youth. It's so sad that I can't even rebel anymore.I have no energy to go out past ten pm and excessive alcohol leaves me feeling like death the next day... maybe I'll take a leaf out of your book and parade around the house after dark in a leather corset and pink feather boa so I can feel BAD!

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